Apart from my core competence in the area of SAP® CO, which is based upon my long-time practical experience rather than on my “Application Consultant Controlling” certificate, I have a sound knowledge of the interfaces between the SAP® CO module and the close-by modules: integration of external and internal accounting, interaction between accounting and logistics, e.g. in the domains of material account determination or assignment of sales and distribution condition types to value fields of CO-PA (profitability analysis).

These functional aspects are completed by technical SAP® know-how. Knowledge of the relevant reporting tools (Report Painter, Report Writer, Drilldown Reporting, SAP® Query), basic ABAP/4® skills, experience in the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW), in roles and authorizations and in the field of ALE/EDI/IDoc may serve as examples.

In order to always stay up to date in accountancy related SAP® matters, I have kept myself busy with acting as moderator of the Finanzwesen-Forum der SAP® Community for some years now.