23. July 2023 · Comments Off on May 2023 to today · Categories: Proj_Funk_EN
Customer/Industry Mechanical Engineering
Role SAP Consultant CO
Mission/Project S/4 HANA implementation / rollout
Key aspects Support release upgrade HANA 1809 to 2022

BATCHMAN prototype for automated hours transfers from legacy system

Template rollout into a business unit: Documentation of system status for fit-gap analysis

Working on open topics in already productive business units

06. December 2022 · Comments Off on June 2022 to today · Categories: Proj_Funk_EN
Customer/Industry Aviation industry
Role SAP Consultant CO/PS
Mission/Project SAP optimization / redesign
Key aspects System adaptation to the reorganisation of the manufacturing area

Cutover planning

Extension of Excel-based planning

Introduction of CATS time recording for customer development projects and internal orders at Turkish subsidiary

26. March 2021 · Comments Off on March 2021 to today · Categories: Proj_Funk_EN
Customer/Industry Drive technology
Role SAP Consultant CO
Mission/Project SAP optimization / reconception
Key aspects Review of current value flows into account-based and costing-based profitability analysis

Redesign of costing-based profitability analysis: value fields (contribution margin scheme) / characteristics / valuation (user exit) / value flows / definition of test cases / template allocation onto profitability segments / top-down distribution / results analysis for sales order structures

CO validation: CO period lock at company code level / Various account assignment checks via user exits

Enhancement / optimisation of customer-specific programme for determining provisions for anticipated losses from pending transactions

Realisation of interface for Excel-based activity allocation

Collaboration on the introduction of resource-related billing for intercompany settlements

Optimisation of planning layouts for cost centre planning

Know-how transfer to users


21. December 2020 · Comments Off on November 2020 to June 2021 · Categories: Proj_Funk_EN
Customer/Industry Inspection services
Role SAP Consultant Accounting
Mission/Project Coaching on various SAP topics
Key aspects

Percentage-of-Completion based results analysis for multi-level WBS structures for project-assigned service contracts

Optimisation of CO month-end closing by replacing manual multiplication of CATS postings with template allocation

User exits in results analysis for special currency topics

CATS based time recording in the context of resource-related intercompany billing

27. October 2020 · Comments Off on October 2020 to December 2022 · Categories: Proj_Funk_EN
Customer/Industry Utility vehicles
Role SAP Consultant CO
Mission/Project SAP implementation (template rollout in sales and service subsidiaries) and productive care
Key aspects

CO-PA value flows (currency translation differences against FI, optimization of PA transfer structures, characteristic derivation)

Realisation of workshop reporting based on CO line-item reports extended by customer-specific fields from service processing

Creation of contribution margin reports for sales and service companies as well as legal contribution margin report

Two-tier top-down distribution for allocation of spare parts central warehouse costs via subsidiaries to end customers

Project collaboration on the introduction of the new general ledger accounting as preparation for the S/4 HANA introduction

Migration support